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Here’s A Look At The New YEEZY Basketball Shoes, And Kanye’s First Attempt to Takeover The World

Heres a few possible early prototypes






It’s rare to pinpoint the exact moment you can see someone is trying to take over the world, but here it is. Kanye is already basically an immortal, He’s the first of his kind, this level of talent and crazy have never come together in one human being. Obviously Yeezy’s have been a part of the sneaker game for a while, but they were always some preposterous $2,000 moon shoe looking things that you needed 3 platinum albums, or at least $3,000,000 in your bank account to pull off.

Over the past couple months Mr. West started dropping new styles that are relatively cheap and still fresh as hell. When Kanye was rocking with Nike you would have needed to take out a high interest loan to get a pair of his kicks. Now the Yeezy 350 and 500’s are still exclusive, but have gotten a little more subtle. They’ll still cost you a pretty penny, but you don’t need a trust fund to buy them. Although if you live on a college campus you’d probably assume the trust fund is necessary based what you see wearing the shoes.

Either way, Kanye knows what he’s doing when it comes to shoes, and thats why these Basketball shoes scare me. Without a doubt at least 75% of the NBA will be wearing these things. Anyone not signed to a deal, and isn’t a goofy white guy out of Europe or Wisconsin will have a pair. Thats how it starts


If Kanye has the Yeezy name on every NBA hardwood on a nightly basis, every kid in America is gonna have these shoes. Regimes like this assign uniforms. Not only is Kanye going to have everyone willingly put on his uniform, he’s gonna make them pay $300 to do it. This is how countries get taken over it all starts with creating a uniformed nation. I haven’t seen an attempt this strong since 1940’s Germany.

I don’t like making the Hitler-Kanye comparison because I love Kanye, and Hitler was a huge ass hole. But god dammit Kanye might be crazier then that guy. He’s a total genius, but a lunatic. Those are the kind of people who take over the world, Charismatic, inspirational, power hungry, bat shit crazy individuals. This might seem a little far fetched but it isn’t, this guy hasn’t stopped talking about how great he is and how he can fix the worlds problems for the past 15 years. the fucking guy calls himself YEEZUS. You can’t tell me every business-type meeting Kanye has (whatever that means) doesn’t end with “Alright we takin’ over the world”. If he ever gets a little help from a group of old saggy balled white men you better watch the fuck out.

This is the kinda thing everyone ignores or doesn’t recognize, and then looks back and says “yup we probably shoulda seen this nut job coming”. One day, when The Almighty Yeezy, and his brother-in-law Lord Disick emergence from the clock tower to give the mid-day address, and we wander out of the tunnels we’ve been working in for 6 years strait, I’ll be there to say, I told you so. Unless Kanye somehow finds this and has me stoned to death in the village square.




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