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The Official “Song of the Summer” Dropped Tonight And Its A Must Listen


We here at NextRound don’t fancy ourselves music connoisseur’s. But every once in a while something comes across our desk that is so breathtaking, we have to share with the people. Real music is so hard to come by these days and artistic integrity has to be recognized. the vocals and harmony in this track are unmatched.

So this summer, when your sitting on the deck at your local bar, you’ve had 4 shots of Jack Fire, and your getting ready to go for your 5th your gonna need something to give you the strength to keep going. Yeah you’ve been drinking since 9:45 and all you’ve eaten is 3 left over Dominos cheesy bread sticks from the night before, but you just ran into your old friends from high school and they want to get frisky. Then like a siren from the heavens you hear a beat drop hard enough to put a hole in the floor. Is it Drake? no, it must be the new Post Malone? No, no, no, its obviously Lil Dickey’s new shit…. EHHH your all wrong. Why its the New England pop sensation Polo & Shades  with THE official song of the summer (just in time) “Pussy Sweat”. It’s official folks as of this instant April 16th is the official start to the summer. So whatever climate your in, get to the closest beach, lake, pool, sprinkler; crack an ice cold Corona and cheers to the glory days.







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