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The Vegas Golden Knights Are Single-Handedly Fixing Hockey


Hockey is a touchy subject. There a long tradition of culture and ethics in the NHL A lot of people get real offended real quick when non experts talk about the game. That’s why the Golden Knights intro has been getting called “too extravagant”, “Long winded”, and even “A bit too much for the first game of the opening round”. To those people all I can say is, suck my dick.

This intro was AWSOME. About 15 minutes of authentic medieval pageantry performed but what I can only assume was the real cast of Game of Thrones, followed bass dropped that turned the entire arena into a fucking EDM festival. I Even heard they were even selling two-for-one molly waters at concession stands until the second intermission. This was strait out of the Jackie Moon handbook, executed perfectly.


Extended Clip


It’s a cocky move going this hard pregame, but so far Vegas has had the fire power to back it up. Like anything else it certainly helps to win. You can’t not have fun in this environment. The amount of noise these guys are making on the ice and around the league is something we’ve never seen in any sport. Sure its a huge advantage having a team in Vegas, its an amusement park in itself. But they do everything right, from arena entertainment to the teams twitter account they’ve been nothing but net. It seems like the NHL has been going in this direction. You saw Nashville starting this whole thing last year in the playoffs. I will tip my cap to them they did a good job firing up their crowd before games, but Vegas has already blown them out of the water in their first game. The rest of the NHL should be using this as a blueprint on how to make their home town team more popular then the lunch buffet at their local Pizza Hut.

You see other teams come out and play hard-nosed tough guy hockey, you know “tape to tape”, “cycling the puck”, “facing off”, all that jazz. I’ll tell you what, I love (playoff) hockey, but that shit just doesn’t put asses in the seats. teams have been doing it for years and it was time to try something new. Thats exactly why the NHL brought a team to Vegas, and they have not disappointed.

The Vegas Golden Knights are the Elton John’s of hockey, they got the pizzaz that nobody else can match, that “IT” factor that only comes around once or twice in a lifetime. Elton John had it and so do these guys. Save your lame homophobic jokes for the next guy because The Rocket Man put out hits and thats exactly what my G-Knights are doing. We’re going strait to the top baby.

If this keeps up maybe someday the Stanley Cup playoffs will start getting coverage from more then the God Damn golf channel. With the publicity the Golden Knights alone is providing TruTv is already in their sights.





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