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On Behalf Of NextRound… We Are Back

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That’s right folks. WE ARE BACK.

Believe it or not, all of us here at NextRound have lives outside of the blog life. I have grad school apps, Sally had law school apps, Garbage had antibiotics to take after a rogue needle stubbed him, the lack of backup QB presence has QB2Keegs shut down, Mak got married, BallSo is just getting back from Mars, Wolf is busy studying for the bar, and ChuckDirty has been tied up with rehabbing Kyrie and Hayward. No doubt we have been busy, and we will remain busy, but we’re determined to bring the content that our viewers(?) deserve.

So who’s gonna step up?

UniTitty: I look forward to bringing the viewers in-depth Red Sox analysis, NHL playoff updates, as well as miscellaneous blogs that will be detrimental to your brain cell count.

Sally: Kid has the most random thoughts. Can only imagine what he(?/they) can bring when it comes to blogging.

Garbage: BLUE COLLAR SHIT. Did I mention he can predict whether a female defecates or not?

QB2Keegs: I heard a draft is coming up… And no, not the one our President dodged.

Mak: Gambling. Drinking. Degeneracy. Yankees. Our fearless leader. When this guy is cooking, this unit is unstoppable.

BallSo: Honestly, if we can milk anything out of this guy, we’re in the green.

Wolf: Been a while since he predicted the 2nd-place-in-the-conference Bruins would be a mediocre wild card finisher. Would be a shame if he didn’t blog about how they’re doing now…

ChuckDirtaaay: Welcome to the NBA playoffs faggots. This guy will have you covered throughout. Luckily, Dirty’s favorite team will beat LeBum in the conference finals and you will provide passionate coverage all the way until the end.





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