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And We Have Our First Yankees, Red Sox Brawl Of The Season


Just like NextRound News, it seems the Yankees, Red Sox rivalry is SOOO VERY BACK. There’s nothing better then when this rivalry is cooking. It affects everyday life, because now you have an enemy. I don’t care if your a college student trying to get through the end of the year, a cube monkey crunching numbers, or a garbage man throwing trash. This rivalry gives you a reason to get up in the morning, take the belt off your neck, step out of your closet, and deal with the day.

It was a wild one in the Bean last night. It was everything you want to see in these games. Intensity, emotion, and the Red Sox being fairy boy snowflakes, over reacting to a standard slide into second base.


“WAAAAH his toe hit my wittle ankle”

I’ve always lived for this rivalry, often times trying to force it harder then I should. When this whole scene went down last night however… I could smell the poop. Something just didn’t seem right. I don’t know if it was because of the recent Connor McGregor circus or Wrestlemania last weekend, but something about last nights antics felt, dare I say it, phony.

It almost seemed like this whole thing happened to fast. I don’t want to say this was a WWE staged event, although a few McMahon storylines peppered in to the MLB season would end any debate over length of game. All I’m saying is that last night lacked the authenticity of other brawls. I mean its the first time their meeting this season, how much true bad blood can there really be. Back in the glory days (03-04) there was some real fucking hate between these guys, and rightfully so. you had characters like Pedro, Manny, Papi getting into it with Jeter, Giambi, and A-Rod. These were the times of rivalry and more importantly “roid rage”. Those guys all had back zits, swelled up ballsacks, and they FUCKING hated each other. These things take time (and growth hormone) to develop.

Note: A-Rods frosted tips


Decent effort actually.



of course Judge is just in there like a big dumb PC Ogor just trying to break up the fight. God dammit your an alien at least start picking people up and throwing them into the dugout.

Sure Austin slid a little late into second, and Brock Holt had some words about it, fine. To throw at him twice, and clear the benches? I don’t know man, I love any Sox Yankees brawl, but it seemed like these guys all just thought “This is what were supposed to do here”. Every media outlet has been posing the question about whether the greatest rivalry in sports is back. Its all you saw every where leading up to this series. My guess is this whole narrative got into the players head and they thought they had something to live up to. But these things take time, and both these teams are gonna be good for a long time, you won’t need to force anything there will be enough meaningful games on the line which will lend itself to the appropriate amount of shit-talking needed to illicit the violent fairytale we all want.

Looking up and down the Yankees roster its tough to see who’s going to be “our guy” when shit hits the fan like this. Judge and Stanton are the two biggest mother fuckers in the league but there more concerned about their publicity then anything. Then we have about 7 accountants in the line up (Austin, Walker, Robinson, wade, and our entire middle relief staff).

The only guy you can really turn to is Gary Sanchez. The Sanchino in one bad son of a bitch too. Cold as ice, tough as nails, but he doesn’t really give a shit about anything, especially his core. you can only hope he’s a silent assassin who’s got skulls hanging in his closet.


And he just may baby, he just may.

But hey either way this is a good start because real or fake, it’s just chapter 1. These guys are gonna play each other 24 more times including the inevitable 7 game ALCS. I’m not quite ready to say the rivalry is fully back yet, but this was definitely a step in the right direction. So instead of being a cynical prick, poking holes in to the story of last night, its time to break out your gear, dust off your shit talk, get to your local bar to ignore the rest of your life.

So heres to a new start, great memories to come, and healthy well spirited battle between respected opponents. Good Luck Red Sox… You cunts.







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