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It’s Time To Stop Calling Markelle Fultz’s Shooting Situation A “Shoulder Injury”

No. 1 pick Markelle Fultz’s jump shot is still an ugly shell of what it once was and the 76ers have no clue why

It’s officially time to question the process when it comes to Markelle Fultz, Sixers fans.

The issue of Fultz’s broken jump shot initially stems from shoulder soreness the rookie first experienced in preseason. Fultz’s agent told reporters the point guard received a cortisone shot in his right shoulder in early October. Since then, the Sixers have been working on fixing his shooting mechanics. Nearly four months later and it appears the problem with his jumper is still nowhere near to being resolved.

Sixers coach Brett Brown didn’t exactly give the most optimistic outlook when it comes to Fultz’s broken jumper.

“I’m old, and I’ve never experienced anything like this,” Brown told Sportsradio 94WIP last week.

-NY Daily News



Closer look



Really Sixers? You have NOOO clue why? Listen if you think for a second this is a shoulder injury its time to wake up and smell the coffee. Players get “sore shoulders” all the time and it doesn’t make them look like my sister shooting hoops in the driveway with her left hand after 12 beers. They keep saying their working on a new form for his jumper, but that is bull shit. Players adjust their shots all the time. Steph Curry did it when he came into the league and its worked out pretty alright for him. Tristan Thompson literally changed to his off hand to take free throws and it looks smoother than this garbage Fultz is chucking at the rim. Obviously those are a couple extreme cases but Jesus Christ Markelle Fultz looks like an alien who just got dropped off on earth and their trying to teach him to Basketball.

All the reports are sticking to the story that he had a shoulder injury in the preseason, he got a cortisone shot and they’ve been rehabbing him with a new form on his shot. First of all anytime you take a guy #1 overall and immediately reconstruct his entire game, its not a good sign. Secondly, if I’m Markelle Fultz and this is true (its not) I’m suing the dick off this doctor who gave me that shot. I’m taking him for everything he’s got and trying to get him locked up for 175 years like that other doctor who’s been in the news for doing… uhh.. some other shit.





I don’t know what kind of shot he gave him but if you showed this footage to parents deciding whether to give their kids the flu shot or not and told them this was the result of a shot from a doctor, vaccinations as whole would be extinct in a month.

No no no NO there is more afoot here. In my medical opinion this is a classic case of the yips. It strikes major athletes a couple times a decade. Its a very rare condition but it is deadly as hell. As someone who has been living with “the yip” for 4 years now it is the worst thing that can happen to a youth athlete, a professional athlete, and most importantly, a man. To this day I am hesitant to have a simple catch in the backyard with a baseball. I will not stand for the illusion that this is just a shoulder injury. Markelle and the Sixers have to play it off like that because theres no scarier problem to have as a player then the yips. I would rather have had Gordon Hayward obliterate both his ankles then let the yips anywhere near his silky sweet jay. Now I’m not saying this didn’t stem from his shoulder injuries. These things don’t just come out of no where. Something happens and it gets in your head and it becomes a mental block that can be impossible to pass unless you find someway to get your mind off of it. for me it was titties… true story

Kills me to see another elite athlete like myself to suffer from this disease, especially a young kid who was the #1 pick. However I can guarantee theres one man who was high fiving some colleagues behind closed doors, and thats my man Danny Ainge. Not to brag or anything but I did predict Fultz was gonna be a bust and was on record on this very website saying that Jayson Tatum was the best player in last years draft and that Danny boy pulled off the biggest heist in Boston since that documentary where Ben Affleck robbed Fenway Park. Not only did he land THE BEST rookie in the draft (anyone who says otherwise has a skull full of play dough) but he looks like a genius for maneuvering that trade before the draft. He knew the #1 had to take Fultz or they’d be crucified. He knew Markelle would fold like a house of cards. So he gave his pick to a franchise with no balls who can’t think for themselves and gets excited over the shiniest toy on the shelf that the media tells them is good, like Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor. And Allen Iverson, don’t forget he never won a ring.

There is no more degrading feeling in the world then not being able to do something you used to be so good at. Imagine one day you woke up and just forgot how to wipe. Like you can physically rub paper on your ass but it just felt awkward and you could never get it all and you just walk around all day smelling like shit. Thats basically what it is, Markelle Fultz hitting 30 foot fade-a-ways is like you and me taking a shit and wiping our asses.

And its all in your head. Its some deep deep psychological shit man. Sure some people will say he’s just a mental midget who can’t handle the pressure. People say “just don’t think about it”, “stop being a pussy”, “theres no such thing as the yips”, “Mak shut the fuck up and throw the ball back to the pitcher you big dumb bitch”. Maybe that last one was just me.

But I say NAY. I stand up my brothers who suffer from this catastrophic curse. Guys like Chuck Knoblauch, Rick Ankiel, Mike Vanderjagt, and the rest of us pea brained psychos out there. I’m rooting for your Markelle, your facing a mountain of a problem, but with some hard work and support from friends, family, and the organization you can get past this. But, the NBA is a business so you probably won’t get that and if you don’t figure it out soon you’ll probably get canned and end up coaching high school hoops while a bunch of snot nosed freshman make fun of you behind your back imitating your HORRIBLE jump shot. Either way we’d love for you to stop by our next Victims of Yips (VOY) meeting Wednesday nights @ 8 PM in the upper gym of the Manchester YMCA.


PS: This got me thinking. Next Round has just become the official Blog of disgraced athletes who suffered from the yips. Will be a weekly column chronicling the poor bastards and their stories. DM’s are always open @nextroundsup to support anyone battling this disease and take suggestions on athletes who’s careers turned to shit and who’s stories need to be told.




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