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Classic Hip-Hop Playlist

Okay, I have a hip-hop playlist that has songs that are strictly (honestly I didn’t do the math) roughly released before 2005.

Here they are in no particular order:

If some of these songs sound fugasi; blame soundcloud. I’m not poor, I use A**le music.

Not present:

One Love – Nas

I Can – Nas

Ladi Dadi – Doug E. Fresh

Top Five 5 All-Time

(Honorable Mention) The Show – Doug E. Fresh

  • Okay. This one is very biased. Personally, I love Doug E. Fresh. The combo of him and Slick Rick, plus their creativity and beatboxing, is such a dope sound.

But to the real rankings. Honestly, it came down to the placement of the following five. I knew these five would be the top five(ish), but it was all about where they lie. Here it goes.

5. Juicy – Notorious B.I.G.

Banger. Biggie’s flow on this track will forever be unmatched. Nevermind the fact that a corny, radio beat was thrown at him for it.

4. Keep Ya Head/Dear Mama – 2Pac

Honestly, I value lyrics over flow. Which is why I have this over Juicy. 2Pac has a lyric in this song that says: “I blame my mother, for turning my brother into a crack baby.” Imagine saying that about your mom to the public. He was the realest.

3. Minds Playing Tricks On Me

This is a weird one to explain. The best way to explain is that it is a hybrid of today’s hip-hop and classic hip-hop. I really cannot explain, this song is just a banger no matter what generation you’re from.

2. The Message – Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

Very early in the hip-hop game. Slaps throughout all 7 minutes. I know it is nothing like today’s hip-hop, but it significantly shaped the game.

1. Rapper’s Delight – The Sugarhill Gang

The pioneer. I get it is pseudo-disco/corny. But this was the beginning of a movement. While they are technically the second hip-hop song recorded [Kim Tim III (song sucks)], they are the ones who changed everything. Try listening to the song without vibing out. Impossible. Wonder Mike, Big Bank Hank, Master Gee (MAS-TER a G-to the double G): GOATS.




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