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LaMelo Ball’s Brother Arrested in China


Three UCLA men’s basketball players — including LiAngelo Ball, the younger brother of the Los Angeles Lakers’ Lonzo Ball — were arrested in China just days before Friday’s season-opening game against Georgia Tech in Shanghai, sources told ESPN’s Jeff Goodman.

One source told ESPN the players — which also included freshmen Cody Riley and Jalen Hill — were arrested on shoplifting charges.

The players are being questioned about stealing from a Louis Vuitton store that is located next to the team’s hotel.

Georgia Tech released a statement to ESPN Tuesday, saying that three of their players were questioned by local authorities at their hotel.

“During the questioning, it was determined that Georgia Tech student-athletes were not involved in the activities being investigated,” Georgia Tech said in the statement. “They have resumed their scheduled activities in advance of Saturday’s season opener versus UCLA in Shanghai.”

The teams are scheduled to visit Shanghai Disney Resort on Wednesday


Typical middle child, acting up to get some attention. I had high hopes for this kid. He was out of the Ball family bullshit, kinda. You can take a Ball out of the chaos, but you can’t take the chaos out of a Ball. You can’t tell me LaVar hasn’t done any time in a Shanghai prison, but this seems a little early for this to be happening. I always assumed these brothers were going to fail in the NBA and they would wide up all being a side show for some team in China to sell jerseys. Looks like LiAngelo is getting a leg up on the competition and starting his “fall from grace” before he even plays one college game. God dammit this family is innovative, they have really mastered the “any press is good press” mentality.

The claim is that the players robbed from a LV store. I don’t believe these kids would do something like that and there must be more to it. I assume Americans can get arrested for just about anything in China. Without any confirmation i am left to speculate on what exactly went down in this Chinese Hotel last night, and here are my top 5 best guesses.

  1. He called Japanese food “Chinese Food”: Nothing more offensive or illegal to Chinese culture then to be mistaken for that totally different country.
  2. Cow Murder: The cow is considered a god to Chinese culture, or one of those countries
  3. He made the Squinty Eyes face: No explanation. Yuri Gurriel is currently awaiting extradition after he faces his brutal discipline from the MLB 102817-yuli-gurriel-primary-1.jpg
  4. Operating a Sweatshop: All of this Big Baller Gear isn’t making itself. We all know the history of what goes on in manufacturing factories over there. Sad to think LaVar and his boys could be apart of it, but you never know these days.
  5. Illegal Drug Use: College students across the country have been known to smoke the pot and use other substances. It is possible these students sunk to such a low level to participate in such activities.

Thoughts and prayers to LiAngelo and the other members of the UCLA team. Not exactly a hot start to the season, but this could be a great story line come late March when Ball is finally released and will be able to help make a run to the Final 4.




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