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It’s Time For The First Ever MJ, LeBron Debate


Its a question that people just don’t talk enough about. Forget North Korea. Forget Trump. ISIS who? The world needs to start focusing on the REAL questions. WHO IS THE BETTER BASKETBALL PLAYER, LEBRON OR MJ?

Seriously I think I speak for all of mankind when I say I’m sick of this same shit over and over again. Its the same old fucks saying “6 rings 0 losses”, and the same dumb ignorant shits throwing out LeBron stats that didn’t mean shit in Jordan’s day. This debate has no winner but we’re bound to see two talking heads arguing about this once a month, until their red in the face and blue in the balls, and Sage Steele has to rush to commercial on some bad joke like “Glad we got to the bottom of this guys”.

We’ve got new developments this week as LeBron is lacing up whatever hideous pair of cinderblocks he decides to where tonight for his 1,072nd career game, which will tie Michael Jordan’s career starts. Now were seeing all there stats side by side and what they’ve done in the same amount of time. Honestly I have to say this might be the first addition to the debate that actually holds a little bit of water. You will never be able to compare these guys fairly, the game has changed so much and theres so many other intangible things to take into account. Like the “clutch factor” or whatever you want to call Jordan just being an absolute winner. But this is about as true as it gets. How have they done in basic aspects of the game over the same sample size, and I have to say, Its pretty fucking close.


Screenshot 2017-11-07 13.40.17.png

I want to make this clear, I hate LeBron James. I was on his side for years. I didn’t give a shit about “The Decision”. Sorry Cleveland, welcome to reality superstars want to make a dick ton of money and win rings. Guess what, leprechauns aren’t real either, and Cleveland is actually Hell on earth. Sure he douched that whole thing up with the circus he put on down in Miami when he got there, but I kind of just thought that was funny. I started hating this guy when he came back to the Cavs and just constantly shoved his dumb face in front of me 24/7 with the lamest cheesiest shit ever, and just said the most repulsive things in every interview he did. Oh and he’s a big flopping, whiney, complaining bitch on the court.

Credibility set

With that being said, this guy is clearly bonkers on a basketball court. 27-7-7 for a career is nuts. He’s the most athletic person I’ve ever seen in my life, and when he gets his 3 point shot going I don’t see a way its possible to stop him. He shares the ball and makes everyone on the court with him better, almost to a fault. He is leading Jordan slightly in these categories, and theres plenty more not on this list.

When it comes down to it this is how I’ve always felt. If these two were playing 1 on 1, LeBron wins at least 7 out of 10. He’s just a physical freak who can do it all. If he wanted to just take MJ down low for 11 points he could. Fortunately, basketball is a team sport and whatever mental edge MJ was born with is more important then however much Lebron can bench, or how many guys he could just run through and dunk on. 31 games scoring 50+ points is just insane. Wilt Chamberlain is the only one in history with more, and who knows what the fuck was going on when that guy played. apparently he scored 100 one time to? sure dude whatever. Jordan just had the ability to take over a game, and put his (middle school) teams on his back more then anyone else. EVER.


Screenshot 2017-11-07 15.30.15.png

This shit will never get settled. Theres objections to every point. Obviously Lebron is going to average more rebounds, he’s a god damn giant. Oh, but he got Jordan beat in the assist column to, he must be a better passer and team mate. Or he gets to play down low and kick the ball to Ray Allen and Kyrie Irving for wide open shots.

Screenshot 2017-11-07 15.31.07.png

Side Bar:    Don’t Forget. It’s really unfair that LeBron got to play with the great Greg Oden. Talk about cheating.

Side Side Bar:      I totally forgot Andrew Bogut was a #1 pick. Jesus Christ



Theres no way around this. I thought these new stats actually meant something at first, but now I’m just pissed and its all bull shit. We’re right back were we started, and I have become everything I hate. I’m just going to plant my feet firmly on the MJ side of this argument and just say this.

If you are on MJ’s side you are allowed to say he’s the greatest player ever. He set the standard so its impossible to say someone is better without indisputable evidence. (thanks NFL )

If you are on the LeBron side you are allowed to say that you would take him, but its impossible to compare these guys. Because it fuckin is so just shut up and enjoy watching this mutant robot human loose a couple more Finals.


And if you just want to throw away all of these stats like me, and just give this one the eye ball test… You just tell me who’s better.



Hes Michael Fucking Jordan. Give me a break.






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