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NFL Week 9 Vegas Odds & Everything You Need To Know



We’re back for another week of NFL football. It is week 9 and anyone who is still alive is ready to get back at it and keep this roll going. Since we started this blog we are shooting 60% from the field (all picks) and 66% from the line (best bets). Sundays have been hotter than a pistol folks. If you haven’t already hopped on the bandwagon its time to. This weeks slate of games is like shooting fish in a barrel. Were all in this together brothers (and sisters) so spread the word give feedback and lets all stay in the win column. Like I said I can already smell its going to be a big week, so lets get right into it. As always my picks are highlighted, and I’ve picked out my best bets and some other tips for you fellow degenerates, and my cheat sheet of all the most important info you won’t get anywhere else in one place is at the BOTTOM. So without further a do… Its week 8 bitches.



Week 9 Betting


8:00 PM

Buffalo (-3) @ NY Jets (42.5) jets home underdog W


1:00 PM

Denver @ Philadelphia (-7.5) (43.5) W

LA Rams (-3.5) @ NY Giants (42) W

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans (-7) (50) W

Cincinnati @ Jacksonville (-4.5) (39.5) L

Atlanta @ Carolina (-1) (43.5) L

Indianapolis @ Houston (-12.5) W

Baltimore @Tenessee (-3.5) (43.5) PUSH

4:00 PM

Arizona (-2) @ San Francisco (39.5) W

Washington @ Seattle (-7) (45) L

4:25 PM

Kansas City @ Dallas (PK) (51.5) W

8:30 PM

Oakland (-3) @ Miami (44) L


8:30 PM

Detroit (-2.5) @ Green Bay (43.5) W


Thursday Night Fix: NY Jets +3

I figured I would start with Thursday pick to hold of the withdrawals. Everyone’s itching to get back to football after the two long days without it.

I LOVE the Jets in this one. They’ve been a problem for gamblers all year, people are still scared to pick them and Buffalo has been shockingly good. As everyone knows by now, the home underdog trend has been strong this year. No one in the NFL has benefitted more from this trend the the New Yahk Jets. they are 4-0 at home when getting points. Home field won’t be a huge advantage considering Buffalo isn’t exactly a cross country flight, but as long as the Mafia isn’t out in full force at least McCown won’t be looking over his shoulder for aired dildos all game. Divisional matches breed upsets and I wouldn’t put it past NY to win this game outright, it is a very lose-able game for Buffalo coming off two upset wins. This games is going to stay low scoring. I see potential in the under at 42 but New York

New York 20 Buffalo 17 


Best Bets


Philadelphia -7.5

I want more then anything, for Philly to be bad again. The world just isn’t right when the Eagles are good. I’,m not worried, all good things come to an end, the water always finds it level, and all those other cliches. Right now though, Philly is rolling and Denver looks like a pile of used jizz rags. Wentz is the second coming of christ and these guys just added Ajayi, who was good in Miami so that must means he’s actually good. Philly is 2-1-1 ATS at home this year and 3-1-1 when they’ve been favored. Got to like them at home with a bunch of psychos ready to run through a wall behind them. 7.5 is a lot of points and that scares me. I’m a huge underdog guy and rarely lay more then 7 points but when the Eagle is soaring like this right now I have to hop on it. I can smell a bad beat on a meaningless end of game score so if you can buy a point, or even .5 I’d take that just to be safe. Even if you can’t this is a good bet strike while the iron is hot and don’t over think this game. Don’t fall for the “well this has to end eventually” trap.



Arizona -2.5

This is a garbage game, but gambling isn’t always pretty. San Fran has been a popular bet this year and Arizona has been awful. I think San Fran bettors will be out in full force because the perception is that the Cards suck and this is the week they get in the win column. Well they are going to be disappointed because this ATS matchup isn’t good for them. All of there covers have come from keeping games close when they’re not supposed to be. They’ve been a lot better on the road when they get more then 5 points. This game is by a field goal, and its a game Arizona has to win. The main reason I like this game is a little unorthodox. I like to look at reverse lines and this one in particular really jumped out to me. In my experience teams from Arizona have been very reflective of Vegas action. Whether its the Dbacks, Suns, or ASU/UA. I don’t no the reason, I’ve just found it to be true. This game has over 80% of money on the 49ers and the line moved from a pick’s to AZ -2.5. I’ve always said I like to try to play from the house perspective and something stinks in this game. That added to all the usual thought I put into bets has me real excited for this special olympic matchup. This is why we call it gambling folks, grab your nuts on this one.


Other Notes

Indianapolis +12.5

Ton of points. show me some balls Indy. If they put their big boy pants on and just play football they are covering this game. I know DeSean Watson has been unreal and I’m actually a fan of his, but he left everything out on the field last week in a loss to Seattle. Its tough for a rookie to come back with the same intensity against a dog shit team after a loss like that.   Check all that Watson out  this is a to get it while you can.


Oakland -3

My Raiders have been one of the most unreliable teams this year and I haven’t been able to pull my head out of my ass and take my heart out of it. So take this with a grain of salt if you want, but Miami is in a pile of shit off the field. They just got beat by 70 last week and lost their top offensive weapon. I was DEAD wrong about Matt Moore, I’ll wear that one. That guys a clown and Miami now has zero offense which is the only way they had a chance in this one. With the 8 o’clock spot I’m giving my boys one last shot and laying the days earnings on this one.

Stay The Fuck Away (STFA)

Washington @ Seattle (-7)

To many points. Seattle hasn’t been great at home especially as favorites. Theres no reason they should be 7 point favorites to Washington in this game, which is exactly why a ton of people will take them. This blog is all about not being a sucker, so don’t be a fucking sucker. The Skins aren’t that bad, just stay away from this one, do yourself a favor.

If you don’t wanna take the butchers word for a good Rib-Eye here’s a look but the bulls ass…

Screenshot 2017-11-02 16.18.28.png






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