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Always Sunny Isn’t Dead Yet, And My Letter To Dennis Reynolds


The biggest question now facing fans of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is whether or not Dennis Reynolds will figure into the equation when the sitcom returns for its 13th season, which is set to begin filming next spring.

There’s been a lot of speculation about Glenn Howerton’s status, especially in light of his lead role in NBC’s “AP Bio.” There’s also the matter of his character packing up and moving to North Dakota to become a step-dad at the end of last season.

Now Kaitlin Olson has weighed in on her expectations — and she’s willing to make a bet, at least conditionally.

Fresh off the start of season two of “The Mick,” Olson’s own comedy on Fox, the actress opened up about Howerton in a rangy interview with the A.V. Club. She said the gang is holding out hope that they can “trick” him into returning to the show, albeit with lesser responsibilities.

Danny [DeVito] and I act on that show; we don’t write. And our timing commitment is two months out of the year. It’s the greatest, easiest job — it’s an intense two months, but it’s so much fun. Glenn’s never had that experience. He’s always writing and producing, which is a much bigger commitment. But I’m holding out hope, because it’s not the same without him.
Pressed for an over-under on Howerton’s return, Olson said it was clear he was burned out at the end of season 12. At that point, it would have been less than a 50 percent chance. But if “AP Bio” does well and Howerton feels good about where he’s at?”I’ll say 100 percent,” Olson said. “I will 100 percent be able to talk him into coming back. Let’s put that on my shoulder.”


Guys Guys Guys I Got News… I’ve Got HUUUUGE News


Anyone who said Sunny was done…..


I had all but given up, and here comes Sweet Dee from the Stratosphere. Last spring, Dennis Reynolds leaving The Gang was the biggest loss I have ever suffered in my life. I have been watching this show since 2006. I was 9 years old and I grew up with the gang. It without a doubt left me with some psychological damage, but I wouldn’t take it back in a million years. Everyone has their favorite character, but this show wouldn’t work if any piece left. When this happened it literally felt like I was finding out Santa Claus wasn’t real. “Wait your telling me these guys don’t actually own a bar in South Philly? Danny Devito isn’t actually done acting, and living in a shitty 1/2 room apartment, eating chilled cheese/peanut butter/chocolate sandwiches? It was Earth shattering this cast was the best of all time at making you think you were just watching their real lives. Even off screen, half the cast is married to each other. FUCK, THIS SHOW WAS PERFECT and fuck NBC for stealing my baby boy from me.

I’ve been trying to follow this as close as I can to find out what was going to happen with the show. I knew they were still signed on for 2 more seasons, but I also Know how smart and self aware these guys are. So regardless of what Glenn Howerton Dennis decides to do at least this news gives me closure on where the cast stands and how they feel about everything.

I never actually thought they were going to try to keep this going without Dennis just to make a couple more bucks. They’re better then that, plus at this point there all pretty much established actors other then Mac. He’ll be fine too, he’s got all the “Mick” money to live off of. Gotta love the stay at home dad move Ronald Macdonald there.

Charlie Day has said from the beginning he didn’t want to keep the show going without the full cast, but you never now what kind of back room dealing and Hollywood bullshit is happening. The gang has always stayed true to form. when they started they said their deal entitled them for all the decision making. They are, and have always been the only voices involved, and they are batting .1000 lifetime. All the jokes land, the episodes always connect even a decade later, and without fail they handle ever controversy that other people are afraid to touch, perfectly.



The argument could be made that this whole cast got better looking with age. Except maybe Mac, never fully bounced back from all that mass he tacked on.

Kaitlin Olsen seems pretty confident here though so this was huge. I mean 100% sounds pretty solid to me.  If they can actually get Dennis back, even for half the season, it will be able to hold off my withdrawals and maybe even be a smoother transition to ween myself off the drug. I think they’ll be able to find a good way to do it that will be really funny. My only concern is if Dennis isn’t as big of a part in the writing room, and it gets half assed because the other guys don’t want to step on his toes or anything like that.

For now I’m not going to worry about it. I trust the system and will just take this good news. I’ll take a 50% Dennis Reynolds, but a smart man once said shoot for the stars and if you fail you land on a cloud (or something like that)

If Dee says she thinks he’ll be back if his new show kills, then thats what we’ll do. Anyone who watches Sunny has an obligation to watch the shit out of A.P. Bio and get this guys ratings through the roof.


Really fuckin weird. Don’t like it.

This next part is for Dennis Reynolds eyes only. If you are not Dennis Reynolds please turn your phone, computer, tablet, or palm pilot off at this time.

Dear Dennis,

Hey baby. How are you? I missed ya. Ive been hearing your doing great and considering coming back home. I just wanted to share a few words with you about how we all feel about this whole situation.

You are without a doubt the most important character in the show. You have the most range and everyone else can play off you in whatever way they need to. To say i was heartbroken when I heard you were leaving is an understatement. I was confused why you would ever leave this historically great masterpiece. I was sad to see the end of my favorite TV show character of all time that was only getting funnier every season.

I have now matured a little and I can see why you want to branch out and see other people. You’ve been doing nothing but slaving away at this show for over 10 years. You started with two other friends writing sketches and turned it into one of the most classic shows of all time. The move makes sense from a personal stand point. Even though you guys have one of the strongest followings ever, there’s a ceiling being an FX/FXX late night show. In a way some people could call it a sell out move going to a bigger network sitcom show, but I will not slander you like that. Sunny is the longest running TV show ever (I think?) and you guys get fucked every year by critics. How has this show never won a single Emmy?  It amazes me when i still talk to people in 2017 that haven’t seen Always Sunny in Philadelphia. People are idiots who just watch whatever this big labels tell them to watch, even if they’re not funny (Modern Family). Maybe your looking for some sort of fame or approval, maybe not, it doesn’t matter. Dennis… ugh…  Glenn Howerton is entitled to take a big paycheck, do less work, take a break, and try something new. I have no doubt this show will be funny and probably be a monster that NBC will take credit for.

I can only hope and pray this is only a trial separation or we can still be friends. Something has to be done to keep Sunny going, and the group dynamic needs its “looks”.  Give the people what they want Glenn

– Love You









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