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Thank You Kiko Alonso

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Huge shout out to Kiko Alonso for giving the people what they want. By trying to make Joe Flacco live out the rest of his days as a vegetable, he put the cherry on top of the Thursday night color rush cake with a backup QB show down.

Lets meet our competitors:

First up we have 33 year old Matthew Erickson Moore from the College of the Canyons.

Image result for matt moore Moore came out swinging going 25/44 for 176 yds and 2 INTs. Boasting a passer rating of 47.2.

His opponent; the one and only Ryan Mallett from Texas High School.

Image result Mallett slung it 7 times with 3 completions for 20 yds and a TD to put his passer rating all the way up at 89.9

There is no doubt that this efficiency played a huge part in the Ravens 40-0 victory even after losing their Elite? starter in Joe Flacco.

But Flacco being forcibly removed from this game led to something truly beautiful, a backup QB battle for the ages where it was anyone’s game until the bitter end. Sadly someone had to come out on top and Ryan Mallett proved to be better on this occasion.

I think the NFL may have stumbled onto something here though. After what happened last night I think the NFL should look into a rule change that makes each team have to play their backup quarterback for thurday nighters. Think of all the great match ups we wouldnt normally get to see plus all these snowflake players say they dont get enough time to recover on the short week this would let the biggest snow flakes of them all, the QBs sit and making them play one less game lowering their chances of CTE significantly.

Imagine; next week we could be seeing Bryce Petty face off against the Yates of Hell! Im getting all moist just thinking about it, but sadly all we can hope for is  catastrophic injuries to Josh McCown and Tyrod Taylor this weekend for that to happen.

Side note.. Those Ravens uniforms were Fire Emoji times a thousand

Related image

Look at those bad boys, who doesn’t love Color Rush.



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