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Why Post Malone is exactly what the music industry needs

Was talking to my friend Sally the other day about music. We came to the conclusion:

In the current state of music, their is a lot of garbage. I’m not going to sugar coat it. Some of the crap that comes out is straight up horrendous. Yeah it is catchy and gets the listens or gets played at clubs, but when it comes to listening to actual music, there is hardly any substance in popular music anymore. Its just a few words repeated over and over again, a catchy chorus repeated over and over again, some mumbling with a “YEAH” and an “uh”. . I mean the songs are fucking catchy, but after a while they get old. However, I’m not going to sit here and tell you I don’t listen to these songs. This is mostly if only I’m working out and looking for something to pump me up. Or if I am shitfaced trying to be a rapper. If I’m listening to music by myself, I like to listen to something that actually has some meaning, which seems to be a dying art music in today’s music. Well. Enter Post Malone.

Here is a guy that has ACTUAL music talent and not just promoted by the talent of his producers (21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, Future, etc.). It’s not just rap either these days. It’s pop music and country music too. Listen to a few of Taylor Swifts new songs and try and tell me your ears didn’t bleed. Or take a look into the country “genre”. It’s all the same shit. I could go on and on about the country music but I think Bo Burnham, a personal favorite of mine for a while now, explains it best.

Another example of how modern day music (rap) sounds a lot of the time

I mean Snoop couldn’t be more right.


Anyways, back to Austin Post aka Post Malone. The guy came from an honest background and has a genuine love for music. Post grew up listening to his dad play country music around the house. Malone then went on to find his liking for rap music. While finding about hip hop, Stoney learned how to play to guitar because he loved playing Guitar Hero. This is something people of ages 18-32 I think can all relate to (be honest you tried to play guitar and sucked and gave up like after 2 weeks). But this is a guy who has an actual gift. Along with that he has a very unique voice. Case and point here.

If you can sit there and tell me after listening to that cover by Post, that you can honestly say the guy isn’t talented, then John Farrell might as well be the best manager in baseball. If you talk to a number of the top artists in the modern day, and ask them to name 3 Bob Dylan songs, or even tell me who Bob Dylan is, I would be shocked. Things like this is what makes me respect Post Malone so much. He has such a diverse knowledge and flavor of music that he can pay respect to his elders (I know, old man yelling at clouds) and still do what he does today and be great.

Now I’m not going to sit here and try and tell you what you should or shouldn’t listen to. That’s not job and everybody is entitled to listen to what they like. I’m fine with that. But all I’m saying is that people need to respect talent when they see it and when they see Post Malone they should appreciate what they are seeing before their eyes. The guy is a modern day rockstar (no pun intended) and we really haven’t seen that in a while in the music industry. Post never has tried to be anyone but himself and although I have never personally met him, seems like a humble and down to earth guy. He embraces his weirdness and I think that is why people like him.

Before you go though, I know I sound like some huge fanboy. But here me out on my argument as to why Post Malone is a national treasure. Listen, I am not one of those random fan girls that jizzed my pants and fell in love with Post when they saw his “I fall apart” concert video go viral on Twitter. Even if you are that’s okay. I’m just saying Post is much more than that. Yes I know, obviously Malone has those kind of songs that I ragged on earlier (ex. Rockstar, White Iverson, Go Flex) but every artist has those. Even the fucking Beatles had those (I wanna hold your hand???) and they are considered the greatest band of all time. But to get a start in the music industry from the dawn of time until now, you need hits. Post has got them and now he can truly embrace what he is all about. The guy loves rock, rap, being himself, and a whole lot of bud light.


He has rhythm and he has rhyme. He is one of kind. Now with his first album out of the way and his reputation already built up, he can do what he seems to love and that is sing and play guitar. Look to see his next album have a lot more of his concert vibes where he goes acoustic and sings. A lot like his song Feeling Whitney off of his first album STONEY.


Like him or not (even John Mayer does, ever heard of him?), I believe Post is here to stay. He’s a likable guy who has the IT factor. Drink up Stoney.




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