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Game 4 Recap: Celtics Vs. Knicks, The Ceiling is the Roof

If there is one thing and one thing only that we can take from this game for the Boston Celtics, it is that the future is as bright as the light when you go to take a piss in the middle of the night (see what I did there? I’ll be here all night) Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum look fucking legit. I mean these guys just are dogs. They can defend, shoot, pass. You name it they can do it. I know we only played the Knicks, (yeah they still suck), but my god, if this is what is to come in future for the Celtics, I for one am super excited.


Let’s start out with the birthday boy. Jaylen downtown Brown. And I mean that literally. What was one of the biggest knocks for Jaylen coming into the draft in 2016? He couldn’t shoot. Well he showed tonight and the opening four games of the season that he has come along way from that notion. Brown shot 3-6 from three tonight continuing to prove the doubters wrong. Along with that he showed his impressive ability to get to the hoop again and again. I mean I’m sitting there and thinking with some of these drives he takes, that there is no way the ball should go in and somehow he manages to put it in. OH. And did I mention he’s only 21 as of last night? Quite the birthday present to continue your coming out party with 23 points on 9-16 shooting. Pretty good I would say. What do you think Larry?


Next up on the docket we got Jayson Baeson Tatum TatYUM. This guy is very very fun to watch. His game is so aesthetically pleasing. The dude can get straight get buckets. But first lets talk about something else he showed tonight. One flaw that had scouts a little worried coming out of college was Tatum’s defense. They weren’t really impressed with how he played in college guarding opposing players. Well I think tonight was another example of Jayson along with his partner in crime Jaylen, shutting up the nay sayers. Jay ended the game with 4 steals and 2 very impressive blocks. NOT BAD.

Okay enough about Jayson’s defense. Let’s talk about his scoring and him eye fucking us all night. You know those similarities they said about him when he was drafted about having a Pierce/Melo esque game? Yeah? Well he showed that tonight. His shot is a little unorthodox when it comes to the three ball but you know who else had a funky shot when it came to the three ball… you guessed it. Paul Anthony Pierce.

Another thing about Tatum that I’ve continued to notice and fellow celtics fans have too is how smooth his turn around/fall away jumper is. I mean look at this. Look similar to you?


Maybe this will freshen up your memory


Or even, better


Me thinking about the Celtics in the next 5 years


Light the Auerbach cigars already!


In all seriousness though, this team has me really excited for what is to come. With Hayward coming back next year (Get well soon GHay) a starting lineup of Kyrie, Brown, Hayward, Tatum, and Horford is as NBA reddit would say, SP00KY (actually spooky though, not like the T-Wolves). Honestly I really believe with the development of Brown and Tatum, as a wise philosopher once said, “The ceiling is the roof.” I mean you already have two bonafide studs in Kyrie and Hayward, and then a former all-star and perfect system player for the Celtics in Al, “DEFINITELY WORTH THE MONEY”, Horford. Along with all that you still have Marcus Morris, Marcus Smart, Scary Terry Rozier, and a potential top 5 pick that could pan out to be another stud. The future is bright for the Celtics and I know it is only one game but, jeez, I’m just giddy thinking about what is to come. And this is all thanks to the Master of the whole thing. Danny Fucking Ainge. Get that man in the Hall of Fame ASAP.

That’s all I got for today. Cue the dancing lobsters.


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