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First I want to start off by saying this “JUUL” wave is a bunch of hipster bullshit. Second I want to inform you what the fuck a “JUUL’ is. JUUL is this new age hipster shit, an Electronic cigarette that is widely smoked by many young adults across the country. This thing is the size of a lighter and packs a punch like Mayweather. No seriously one rip from this “JUUL” and you get a nicotine high comparable to chain-smoking three darts.


You’ve all seen these kids

Somehow this new JUUL has gained a buzz at Universities across the country.  I currently attend a sub par D2 school, and let me tell you this thing is taking over. Everywhere you look there is some dink ripping a goddamn JUUL. Its like kids don’t even smoke cigarettes anymore. (Soft) I mean it makes sense since the Ecig gives you the nicotine high like the first time you puffed a dart. Kids are ripping these things like they are the new fashion.  I think kids might even smoke more JUUL than they do THOINKS these days. When you got more kids smoking vapor than you doing smoking the devils lettuce you know something is fucked up.

I want to conclude by saying this wave of JUUL smoking needs to come to an end. People need to grow a pair and just smoke a dart if they are looking for a nicotine rush. Or if you’re just looking to puff on something roll up a few jibbas and forget about it. Finally I’m going to finish with letting you know that I don’t ever want to hit your JUUL so don’t ask.





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