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We’ve Got Ourselves An ALCS Folks


There is some voodoo gypsy dark magic going on with this team. There’s no FUCKING WAY this should be happening right now. I’ve said all year this is not the type of Yankees team I grew up watching, and you know what, the bastards are growing on me. They have chemistry, personality, and dare I say it? Charisma? Things that are making George Steinbrenner roll right over in his doublewide solid gold coffin. There still years ahead of schedule. Not to mention they have more prospects then they know what to do with. These guys are going to be making flabby Guido’s cum their pants for a very long time.

Tonight was some premium $29.99/month porn. I didn’t hate the Astros until tonight. They were just so god damn good and gave me no reason to dislike them. But I turned a corner tonight and Im soooo fucking happy about it. FUCK these rat bastard, Texas Roadhouse eating, Whitney Houston Astro fucks (Thoughts and prayers to the flood survivors). I hated everything about them tonight. It’s not something you can control. You cant force it, you cant fake it, hate just has to happen organically. Aaaaand BOY was it going tonight.

I couldn’t stand a single pitcher they strolled out there tonight. McCullers was the biggest fucking asshole I’ve ever seen he was bitching and screaming like a psychotic douchebag all night. Then they bring in Gregerson, who I guarantee has never used a toothbrush in his life.

This motherfucker Carlos Correa is the ugliest man I have ever seen. This does not get enough attention. so if I have to do it fine. It is my responsibility, my mission, what I was put on this earth to do. He looks like he should be a no-name henchman who gets killed in Breaking Bad, and your glad he gets killed because he is so terrible to look at.

CARLOS CORREA INJURY UPDATE INTERVIEW_1502922848761_10304645_ver1.0_1280_720.jpg


Any way about the game.

Nothing was gong our way. It was a real ugly game. Sonny Gray pitched great, but he always gets screwed. He had it going through 5 innings and only let up 1 hit. Then the Astros put up 4 runs on 1 hit and an error.

The Yankees couldn’t buy a run all night. Until some frankenstein looking Rookie named Aaron Judge stepped up and hammered the absolute piss out of a ball center. Then they got going like an absolute freight train. It came from everywhere, it came from everyone. Houston couldn’t stop the bleeding. That kind of momentum cant be stopped. The Yankees whacked ‘em

Houston ran into a problem and they tried to do everything they could, you know what I mean, their gone, and they couldn’t do nuttin about it.

The Yankees even shot them in the face so their mother couldn’t have an open coffin at the funeral. Some real grease ball shit.


This thing the Yankees are doing in October is real serious now, and I’ll tell ya what. Id rather be the New York Yankees then the Houston Astros right about now. Judge and Sanchez just woke up tonight and that is going to be a real problem. If Tanaka plays half as good as he has been, New York wins Game 5. The Yankees were dead. They were dead. Then Houston bent over for them two nights in a row. This is prison rules, you let someone fuck you once, you’re their bitch for life.




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