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Is taking off your pants completely in a public shitter a crime?

Just to pony off of what my good (gay) friend Sally just blogged I have proposed a question.


Is it weird to practically strip naked when taking a steamy one in a public bathroom?


I bring this up because I am one who does this. Look, I live in a fraternity house, the bathrooms are worse than a port-o-potty at a construction site in Texas. I have a strict schedule of hershey squirting right after class in the morning once the caffeine has kicked in. The bathroom I use is rarely seen with traffic and most of those that use it are people I work with. If those who have not seen me in person, what I lack in tit, I make for in the thickness of my thighs. With the pants at the ankles, I cant spread as well as I would like, accompanied by my overwhelming insecurity of a loaf dragging along a cheek its way out. So what do I do? Fuck it, I just take em off. I’ll even take it a step further, if I am wearing a dress shirt, I’ll shed that too. The odd shape of a button-down can go rogue at times and what’s worse than a skid mark on your ass? One on your shirt.

For the few (generous) that may read this, leave a comment below letting me know if I have a point, or just lower my self-esteem even more. Either way.


PS. This is a toilet in my fraternity house and I have no idea how or why, but it happens like once or twice a month. Cant make this shit (nice) up.






One thought on “Is taking off your pants completely in a public shitter a crime? Leave a comment

  1. Have you thought of the diseases on the floors? First of all when you walk into a public bathroom everything is fucking wet and god only knows what bacteria/ stds are in floating in it. I for one have driven from nh to Florida and held a shit the whole way. A public bathroom is a small scale nuclear disaster. Having said this, there is nothing better than going full nude and spreading out your toes in the sanctity of your own bathroom. After seeing your toilets though I’d say your best bet is the woods.


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