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NFL Week 6: Vegas Odds and EXPERT Picks



Sports betting is a terrible terrible thing. The best gamblers in the world barely pick 50% winners. Nobody in the world knows what the hell they are talking about. The game is designed to loose and impossible to win Until now, I have cracked the code, and after carefully analyzing every aspect of every game to be played this week (looking on my phone for 20 minutes drunk), from field preparation, weather forecasts, and players urine hydration levels, here are all of the up to date NFL spreads and expert predictions. If you want to make money read, review, and bet the opposite of all of these.

Week 6 Betting – Picks Highlighted 


8:00 PM

Philadelphia @ Carolina (-3) (45.5)


1:00 PM

Cleveland @ Houston (-9.5) (47)

New England (-9.5) @ N.Y. Jets (47.5) Stay Away* 

Miami @ Atlanta (-11.5) (46.5)

Detroit @ New Orleans (-5) (50)

Green Bay (-3) @ Minnesota (46.5)

Chicago @ Baltimore (-6.5) (39.5)

San Francisco @ Washington (-10) (46.5)

4:00 PM

L.A. Rams @ Jacksonville (-2.5) (42.5)

Tampa Bay (-1.5) @ Arizona (45)

4:25 PM

Pittsburgh @ Kansas City (-4.5) (46)

L.A. Chargers @ Oakland (-3) (n/a)

8:30 PM

N.Y. Giants @ Denver (-12) (39)


8:30 PM

Indianapolis @ Tennessee (n/a)


Best Bets


Carolina -3

Both teams are pretty equal and are matching up on winning streaks .The Panthers seem to be back on track. Cam is playing football again and the panthers have beaten better teams. Philadelphia has been a surprise this year, especially their offensive explosion last week against Arizona. Cardinals have been disappointing, which takes away from the performance and Philly hasn’t beaten any other quality teams. With the spread set at 3 Carolina is a safer pick no matter where the game is played. Home field advantage and a stronger defense are going to be the difference. Carolina can contain Wentz and stop the big plays they put up last week. Cam and the Panthers roll on Thursday night

Final – Carolina 27-17


Detroit +5 Over 50

Bet everything you have, take out a loan, sell a kidney, and bet some more. New Orleans is garbage at home. Even if the Saints get a win it won’t be by 6. I like Stafford and Detroit outright. Last season Nola was 4-4 at home against the spread, and 2-4 when favored. That was the 3rd worst ATS in the NFL. They are already 0-1 at home this year (2-2 overall). Neither defense will be able to matchup so Brees and Stafford will have big games. New Orleans is still shuffling their running game around and has a way to go until they figure it out. A low scoring first half will end in a shootout, which gives Detroit the upper hand with the points.

Final – Detroit 34-28

L.A. Rams +2.5

Jacksonville has been surprising people this year. They beat Pitt last week, and Baltimore in the motherland so now people think they’re the real deal. I’m not buying it yet. They were favored for the first time in my life 2 weeks ago n New York and lost outright. The Rams have shown they are a legitimate team and Goff looks better every week. Line makers see this as almost an even matchup, favoring Jax at home. I don’t see the Jacksonville home field advantage being a huge factor. Probably one of the easier road games on the Rams schedule, and they will be looking to capitalize. The Jags are never going to force 5 turnovers or score two touchdowns in a game again, and Cupcake Blake might start throwing negative yard games at this pace. Low scoring ugly game.

Final – L.A. Rams 19-13


Stay Away – Attention Pats Fans 


New England -9.5

Anyone with a working brain is hammering the Pats because Tom has owned the Jets since 2001, winning 23 out of 30 games. This matchup is always weird though. New England seems to run up the score on the Jets more then anyone else, but every now and then the Jets will catch them on a bad day and sneak away with a win, especially more so over the past few years. 75% of bets are on NE and I think the line is affected and 9.5 is not where it should be. Sure Tom Brady is playing with a hurt shoulder, but its his non throwing arm and I don’t think thats scaring anyone, especially with Belichick’s fake injury reports. Most people are falling for the eyeball test, thinking the Jets are due to come back to earth after winning 3 in a row, and New England will get back on track and bend the entire league over the rest of the year. In reality, when your defense is broken it is tough to fix it in a couple weeks. They will 100% figure it out, and if anyone can fix an entire aspect of the game in a week it Bill. This game is the scariest one on the board; it will be closer then most people thing. Spread is just too high. STAY AWAY.




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