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Yankees Win Sets Up (second) Best Words In Sports… Game Five



Opening line for Game 5: Cle -20000


So your’re telling me theres a chance….


We’ve got ourselves a Game 5 on our hands ladies and gentleman. HELL of a rebuilding year we put together this year. Might have good little squad a few years down the line.

Unbelievable game. Every game so far has had unpredictable story lines. Every “baseball genius” has been dead wrong about every game. They said Bauer shouldn’t go game 1. Nobody saw Kluber getting shelled and taken out in the third, or Girardi blowing the game on 4 different occasions in Game 2. Then Game 3 was randomly the 1 run pitchers duel, when Tanaka was the biggest question mark in the rotation. Not to mention my boy Greg Bird playing the hero

Tonight was FUCKING insane. Severino is a motherfucking savage.7 innings 9 strikeouts, and he looked goooood. He was throwing absolute chedder jack cheese all night. A human being’s arm shouldn’t be able to hit 100 mph in the 7th inning. Anyone with a brain knew he would bounce back, Vegas even had the Yankees favored tonight. But I don’t think anyone saw him bouncing back this hard. Then After Betances threw a pile of shit at the wall for two batters, Kahnle came in and mowed them the fuck down. Tommy Boy has been incredible. Probably the best piece we got from that whole trade.


The boys were slightly excited tonight














Side Note: I don’t know what it is but over the past couple years I feel like everyone is throwing at least 95 and that was never a thing. It’s getting scary, when does it stop? Are they just gonna be throwing like 120 one day?

“All Rise” Aaron showed up for one at bat tonight so that was good, then he struck out 4 times. I don’t know what it is. I guess I’m just sick of the dick sucking this guys been getting all year. Yeah sure he’s good, but just chill out man. That hit tonight was huge though and if he can ever learn to lay off sliders 2 feet out of the zone, and do more of that, we’ll see.


Hicks and Frazier have been monsters too. Hicks is like 8-22 in the post season and the hits always come with runners on. I don’t even know how many hits Todd has; you can just see something in him. Is it the “it factor”? the “kavorka”? maybe the “eye of the jew”? I don’t know, you tell me. Joe better have learned to leave him in and never but that dwarf LOSER Torreyes in ever again. That guys a joke and I’m gonna loose my mind if I see him in Game 5.

Now we get to play 1 more Wednesday, and I am petrified. Its been a long time since I had to deal with playoff baseball and I forgot the level of torture it is. Obviously playing Game 5 on the road is gonna be tough. Facing a very pissed off CY Young winner might make it a little harder. Watching 9 innings of baseball with piss soaked pants might be the hardest of all.


Tonight really did nothing for my confidence unfortunately. Sev was great, but hes gone now. C.C. is the guy you want out there, but if he starts slow again it could be over real quick. Also they put up 7 tonight, but they only had 1 earned run on 4 errors. The Indians are not going to make 4 errors Wednesday. I mean my Little League (World Series) team would have looked better in the field today. That will not happen again. So were gonna need to bring all the bats we have. If C.C. can set the tone early, even if he only goes 4 innings they got a shot with a full bullpen. They know it is possible to hit Kluber now so hopefully the “mental edge” is a real thing. I truly believe this can be done; they’ve gotten 5 years of experience in the past week. Wednesday we find out what they’re really made of. Time to be a man, you got hair on your peaches or what?!




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