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Larry David And Bernie Sanders Are Cousins In The Least Surprising News Of The Week


This video of a PBS show called “Finding Their Roots” shows Larry David and his little cousin Bernie finding out they’re actually related.

This might be the best thing that ever happened to Bernie Sanders. He was easily the most likable guy in the presidential election, but turned in to a poor sap on an episode of house of cards. This guy needed some good news in his life, and he got it. Score 1 for Bernie.

Larry David can literally do anything and it makes me laugh. The guy is a genius and he’s been everywhere lately. Apparently he’s even doing PBS shows now. I’ve seen more LD in the past year then I have in the previous 20, and its not nearly enough.

To get to the point of this, no shit their related. Theres a million people who look a like so you cant just assume they’re related. That would be profiling. But these two are god dam twins. I’ve seen identical twins that don’t look as similar as these guys.

They actually play really good off each other to, Bernie is a pretty funny dude and they are kind of similar. Their SNL last year was easily one of the best episodes in the past 5 years. I don’t see these guys over doing this whole shtick because 1) Larry David is the Michael Jordan of comedy he’s 1,000,000 – 0 in his career 2) Bernie Sanders hopefully has other politic things to do that are way more important. Hopefully Larry slips the Bern man into an episode of Curb or something.


What a family… what a family


Need a little more Larry appreciation. Under rated performance at SNL 40




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