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Scary Scene at Yankee Stadium Yesterday

By now everyone has seen this. In the bottom of the 7th inning in yesterdays Yankees-Twins game Todd Frazier smoked a foul ball down the third base line and nailed a little girl with a ball traveling over 100 mph. The entire stadium immediately froze, including the players on the field. She was rushed to the hospital and the game continued. It was something I’ve never seen in a professional sporting event. Players falling to their knees, looks of shock on their faces, even tears. Frazier, father of two, was clearly the most shaken up, but you could see it effected players on both sides with or without children. It was an erie feeling in a game that was pretty much a blowout and still had to be finished. The Yankees played a great game, but the main takeaway from this game was this little girls safety. There is hasn’t been many updates on the situation. The girls father did speak out reporting that she was going to be okay and awaiting further news. Teams around the league are now all seriously considering extending safety nets further around the field.

This was obviously a horrible story. It’s pretty common to see people get hit by foul balls or bats, and its scary because your really helpless in these situations. what are you supposed to do? I don’t care who you are, if a ball is coming at you 100 mph your pretty defenseless. Never mind the fact that your probably not wearing any kind of glove, or paying complete attention at all times, and your a TODDLER. MLB has been encouraging teams to hang netting up down the base lines to protect people sitting in those rows. It seems like this might be the straw that breaks the camels back and pushes it to be the standard look at MLB stadiums.

I have to say, I don’t like it. Every article or headline I’ve seen about this story has said basically “Well obviously you have to put the nets up” or “I don’t understand why they haven’t already put them up”. Just like everything else people get so reactive and jump down the throat of owners and teams for something thats not really in their control. These are the same people who, two weeks ago, would have said the “nets look stupid” and “Its ruining the baseball-going experience”.

I haven’t been to a ton of baseball games in my day, but I no if I had seats on the first base line I wouldn’t want to be sitting behind a net. No its not a huge deal to have the obstructed view, and I wouldn’t make a big stink about it, but i wouldn’t go to a game and sit there. Thats just a fact. Its one thing if your sitting behind home plate and you have to deal with the net, you already have the closest view of where all the action is. Sitting 20 rows up basically in left field with a net in front of you could take a lot of fun out of it. Those are the best seats at a lot of stadiums and the most fun for some people. I totally understand that baseball games are a family event and people want to bring their little kids to soak up the sport, thats great, and these kids aren’t always in peak athletic form like myself. I just think there are better answers then just putting up nets. to me that just seems lazy and the easy way out for baseball to cover their asses.

In reality the most dangerous sections where this can happen are right behind the dugout and a couple down the lines. Ticket sales already acknowledge these as potential dangerous areas. It sounds a little weird but some kind of age restriction would help families avoid sitting there. It might sounds stupid but hey movie theaters do it. Require age validation when your buying tickets. Sure people will lie or cheat the system but you really can’t say anything if anything happens to you. I’m not saying this father is blaming anyone or anything but something like this could help other parents realize how dangerous it can be, and maybe look for tickets somewhere else.

I really think this is a good idea, not only is it safer, its fan friendly. This isn’t the first time I’ve thought about segregating families at baseball games. I’ve had a lot of parents give me looks for saying some things they don’t want their kids to hear. Which again, i understand, but god dammit I’m at a baseball game, if some jabroni we’re way over paying makes two errors on a play I’m going to tell him he’s a cock sucker, thats just a natural reaction i can’t be held responsible for that one. Families won’t have to explain what a cunt is to their kids, and nobody has to filter themselves, its how baseball should be. There is no better at experience at a baseball game then talking shit with opposing fans and laughing in each others faces. Put all the assholes who want to drank and talk shit in foul ball country and if one of us gets smoked by a ball, its probably better for everyone. Problem solved.

P.S. calling it segregation probably isn’t a good way to introduce this idea.




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