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Are the Yankees Good?

The 2017 Yankees are unlike anything we’ve seen in the Bronx. There is a different vibe, and I gotta say, I don’t like it. New Yorkers have are desperate to fill the shoes of Derek Jeter and its makes me sick. The “Judges Chamber” idiots who sit at a New York Yankees game in full costume are an embarrassment. The new generation of the Yankees doesn’t have that “win or get fired” mentality and we’ve lost that tough edge all together. These new millennial fans don’t no what the glory days where like. when baseball was baseball, when the boys would pass around a gold thong for good luck, and Jorge was pissing all over his hands.



Just to make this clear my main problem is with the team personality and not the on field product, which as a real fan is almost equally important I don’t care what anyone says. They’ve been good all year and how quickly they’ve rebuilt is one of the most most impressive thing I’ve ever seen in sports. and after the past few weeks I have started to come around on a lot of the guys. I’ve been very happy with our pitching staff all year I was ready for Sev to have a break out, glad to have CC back, still believe in Tanaka, love Monty (future Cy Young winner), and everyone else and done their job stepping up. Obviously their bullpen has been a little shaky considering who they have throwing, but we know what they are capable of and all you can do is hope they get their stuff back for the playoffs.

What I’ve been very sold on the past few weeks is the bats. We’ve been scrapping to hang on to a wildcard lead for about a month and the bats were asleep. Judge set an all-time strike out record, Starlin hasn’t been in the lineup consistently, Holiday has kind of been useless all year, theres a million complaints. But this stretch let the real leaders shine. Yeah everyone slumps, so I’m not blaming anyone for struggling at the plate a little. But back in my day when it seemed like nobody was doing anything, guys like Bernie Williams, Jeets, and Jorge would get hot. You always knew those were your guys. Thats what I saw out of Didi and Gary recently. The season wasn’t tanking, the world was not on fire, but we needed someone to step up and they did. They were the most noticeable guys to me and now it seems like everyone else is feeling it too.

It looks like court is back in session for Aaron Judge (lol), spanking homers again and limiting his strike outs to 1 a game. The bullpen hasn’t blown a game in a couple days, Greg Bird and Castro are healthy and looking good. It’s tough to predict much with this team. I was skeptical all year that they would crumble and it was starting to look like that was exactly what was going down. I couldn’t be more impressed with the way they’ve battled and shown their balls, and that there not just some snowflakes who will take a participation trophy from these candy ass fans. If they can keep this kind of rhythm and the pen gets real hot I think they can be the second best team in the AL. The Astros are, to my eyes, in the best position to win it all. They’ve been great for a couple years and now have some playoff experience that they can turn on. Where they were 2 years ago is where it seems like the Yankees are now. The Indians just put a huge target on their back and I think they’ll hit a wall of expectations in October. The Red Sox are very beatable but that playoff matchup needs to happen. Love where the Yankees are at and we have seen how they can look when everything is clicking and anything can happen in the playoffs and Joe Girardi isn’t a bad guy to have leading the troops when it counts.




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