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Dead Sport Night Movie Review: Chuck

Wednesday’s during football season are tough. Last night was particularly bad. There was nothing on. No college football, Yankees played in the afternoon, sure I missed a “banner moment” at the Red Sox game but I’m not watching that shit because they’ve already clinched the division in my mind, and I’m locked into the wildcard chase. I don’t have HBO, I only can watch Netflix on my laptop and needed some full screen, so I was forced to go back to the stone age and order a movie OnDemand.

Comcast, as the serial rapist that they are, is blasting us in the ass even more than I recalled. You have to buy most of the movies now, its bullshit, I’m not paying $15 to buy a fucking movie that I’ll probably watch 2 times MAX. Fuck you Comcast I am counting the days until you guys are burned to the ground by whoever the hell comes along and knocks you off your high horse you arrogant, piece of shit customer service having, fuck head cunts.

So I landed on a movie that I’ve heard a lot about and wanted to see for a long time. It’s called “Chuck”, and its the real life story of Chuck Wepner, a lower class boxer who was given a title shot against Muhammad Ali as a publicity stunt, but shocked the world when he made it 15 rounds before he was knocked out. The story is generally unknown even though it was the direct inspiration for the Rocky movies.

I’m a huge boxing movie guy, they are without a doubt the best sports movies. I break boxing movies down into two categories, “fairy tales” and “true stories”, not ground breaking but I think that makes a huge difference. Fair tale boxing movies are great but you can always smell a little bit of bull shit on them. That’s why although I will always watch any Rocky that’s on, I’ve never thought they were great movies they were just entertaining and obviously classics. Its why “Southpaw” didn’t live up to the hype, and why “The Fighter” is in my top 2 favorite movies of all time, behind only Goodfellas.

To get down to this movie without giving to much up, it was pretty damn good. Liev Schrieber stars as Chuck Wepner the “Bayonne Bleeder”, which immediately got my attention. I’ve gone on record saying I’m a huge Liev guy and this role was perfect for him he really fit the personality of the type of boxer Wepner was, tough, gritty, unconventional, and strait up dirty. What I liked about this movie the most was the balanced story line. It wasn’t just training montage, fight, The End. Half the movie was dedicated to his boxing career the other half was all about his post boxing life and how the Rocky movies really effected his life. On top of that they shadowed his family relationships the whole time. It just had a lot more then most boxing movies have. It was a great story that they made pretty funny at times, but was strait up sad, and still managed to have a happy ending. Try to figure that one out… watch the movie.


With this being said I need to rank my top 5 boxing movies, with this one cracking the list.

  1. The Fighter
  2. Raging Bull
  3. Cinderella Man
  4. Chuck
  5. Rocky I/IV

Honorable Mention – Real Steal, Grudge Match, Mean Girls, Fist Fight




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