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The Arizona Cardinals Curse Goes Way to Under the Radar


Arizona sports for the most part, are losers. Sure the D-Backs won a ring in 2001, but Steve Nash banged his head against a wall for a decade in Phoenix without being able to get the job done. Then you got their colleges, which between ASU and UA, they get more coverage for their pool parties then sports. When it comes to the Cardinals, I just feel bad.

They are always relevant. They usually post around 10+ wins a year and seem to have all the pieces but just cant get it done. Going back to their ’08 season, when they started this trend, they had 5 Pro Bowlers and the Super Bowl in reach. They then proceeded to gag on Santonio Holmes’ balls and handed Big Ben his 2nd Superbowl. Obviously that was literally one of the best Super Bowls ever and its hard to say the Cards “blew” it, it was very on brand. It seems right that the Pittsburgh Steelers stomp on the hearts of the Arizona Cardinals. Whether that’s fair or not? I’m not sure. But you cant tell me I’m wrong.



It’s been more of the same regardless of personnel too. Bruce Arians took the helm and rebuilt a solid team while keeping Larry Fitzgerald as their guy, who is as solid of a leader as anyone in the NFL. Still, they caved in the playoffs a couple years ago behind the worst QB play I’ve ever seen out of Carson Palmer, and “Experts” had them as one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl last year but they inexplicably shot themselves in the dick all season and finished 7-8-1

Oh yeah and in case you forgot about that fucking tie… let me remind you they tied the Seahawks 6-6 in the worst football game ever played that included 0 touchdowns, 0 offense at all, and 3 missed field goals from inside the 30 mother cunting yard line, 2 of which came off the foot of the worst kicker in NFL history, Chandler Catanzaro… never forget.

Anyways. now they got fucked again. David Johnson is out with a dislocated wrist after week one. An injury that I can honestly say I’ve never heard of. There hasn’t been a definite statement about how many games he’ll miss, but its gonna be to many. DJ was easily their biggest offensive weapon.

I do this every year I put to much faith in these guys… I bet them to win the whole thing and some bullshit happens. This is the 3rd year in a row I’ve watched this movie, I don’t know when I will learn. I mean this team has all the pieces, but they also have my support which immediately ties a cinder block to your feet and tosses you over board. To the point I’ve stopped betting on my teams because I feel responsible for their shitiness. With that being said, I’m not going to say their season is done. I truly believe they could be a force if they ever got over the hump. I would have predicted they would have needed a strong regular season to cushion them through the playoffs. This will definitely screw that up and now they’ll be lucky to make a wildcard spot. The most they can hope for is for Carson to play his sack off (which he can do in the regular season) and that Johnson can make it back for the second half, and steal some wins along the way. Their first half schedule isn’t to strong. they’ll get SF a couple times and the Colts next week who might be a pee wee team if Luck can’t make it back.

All of these steps are likely to fall into place to set up an NFC championship loss to the Giants where Eli will cost me more money.





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