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Blockbuster: Jay Cutler Signs With Dolphins


Well that does it. Sorry New England, you had a good run, but the AFC East now belongs to the Miami Dolphins. Who else could you want stepping in and mentoring you “franchise quarterback” to be a leader then Jay “The Training Bike” Cutler.

In all honestly I’m a biased about Cutler. I’ve always hated this guy. He always looks like a miserable prick on the field and whenever he literally quite in the NFC Championship and sat on the sidelines riding the bike I lost all respect for him. He pulled a real life Paul Crewe from The Longest Yard.

With that being said i have to say this might be a good move for all parties. The Bears got to get rid of Cutler. Sure he was decent for a long time in Chicago. Every year the same stories come out about how they just need a couple more weapons to take the pressure off him and he could be great. Well whether thats true or not (its not), Chicago got to cut ties with him amicably without any drama or adding pressure on Mitchy TRU.

The Dolphins got a probably the best option to step in while and give Tannehill a chance to recover from his knee injury and Matt Moore to get back to eating solids after his head got ripped off last year. its a good fit because both guys are mediocre QB’s, its really a toss up to pick who’s the better option. The Fins have actually been showing a lot of good things recently. They made the playoffs for the first time last year since ’08 (When Brady missed an entire season), there defense is showed a lot of potential, and they have their first stud running back since Ricky Williams who should never be forgotten about. Adding Cutler should be able to keep them on track if not make them better.

Jay Cutler made out like a snake oil salesman on this deal. 1 year… 10 million, basically just to show up. ESPN reported on Saturday that he had absolutely no intention on signing after he had already made a deal with FOX Sports to do color commentary. that was until he heard that deal and said “Uh yeah I’m doing that shit”. How can you not? i mean if you have the physical ability to make 10 million dollars doing anything you gotta sign that dotted line. Theres not much in this world i wouldn’t do for 10 mil. As a matter of fact i can’t think of anything off the top of my head. So call it a sell out move or whatever you want to say, but I have to tip my cap to JayJay on this one. Toss the pig skin around a little bit, give even less of a shit then you usually do, cash that pay check, and keep that perfect 5 O’clock shadow on point brother.





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