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Why I have forgiven Ray Allen

In the summer of 2007, Ray Allen was traded to the Boston Celtics for the 5th pick in the draft. This acquisition would prove to be a league shifting one. The arrival of Ray lead to the eventual landing of the Big Ticket, Kevin Garnett. These two joined Paul Pierce to become the title favorites at the time in the NBA.


In Ray’s first season with the Celtics, he proved to be everything he was and then some. He was the knockdown shooter and scorer that went great along with the all around game of Pierce and the dominant defensive presence of KG.

The Celtics ended up with the 1 seed that year and were able to pull off for the first time in 31 years, what no other Celtics team had done in a long time; Win an NBA title. In part of this title, Ray Allen played a huge part. He stepped up big when the Celtics were seemingly down and out and pulled of a huge comeback thanks large in part to him and Pierce.


After the championship season, the Celtics were unable to make it to the finals with KG getting injured. They did make it back in 2010 but lost in 7 to the Lakers. This was the beginning of the end for Allen in Boston.

In the 2010 summer, LeBron James made a “Decision” that would change the whole landscape of the modern day NBA. He was taking his talents to south beach to team up with All-Stars Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade. They were the new kings of the nba.

With this new superteam formed, the celtics were unable to make the finals.

Enter summer 2011. The Celtics have the 16th pick in the draft. They choose SG Avery Bradley out of Texas. Shooting Guard. Ray Allen’s position…

Bradley struggled to find playing time in his first year as a Celtic. It was his second year where he started to earn his stripes. He was seeing more time on the court with Allen’s dwindling health and lackluster defense. Avery was even playing a good chunk in the ECF against the Heat in what would be a 7 game series lost for the Celtics.

Its now the 2012 summer and Ray Allen is a free agent. Most Celtics fans and players want him to come back and don’t seem to think he is going anywhere. Welp. We were wrong. That summer Ray Allen ended signing with the Miami Heat. The team the Celtics just lost to in the eastern conference finals in 7 games. The team the whole nba hated. The team with LeBron Freaking James. Celtics fans and players were not happy. The heat went on to win the title the next year with allen making a crucial shot in game 6 and the rest is history.

For the longest time, I hated Ray for this move. Why would he go to our rivals? Why would he want to go play with a jabroni like LeBron (yes i know he is the best player in the world) ? Why would he turn his back on Boston like that?

Well, what I’ve come to grips with, is that there is more to life than basketball. Ray was sick of playing with Rondo. He was sick of Doc Rivers. He was sick of being overshadowed by the oncoming Avery Bradley. He needed something new, and thats what he got. I mean who wouldn’t want to go play in Miami for the best team in the world? Its beautiful and you get to get paid millions for what you love.

I understand loyalty and everything but honestly, I’m over it in sports. No owner is loyal. No gm is loyal to his players. Nobody is ever safe. It is always what is best for business. and that is what Ray Allen did. He made a business decision. And thats that. Thanks for your time here Ray. Time to move on Boston.


PS: Although i have forgiven Ray, KG’s pettiness will never be not funny to me





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