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Sox Yanks Rivalry is on its Way Back in Full Force


As just a youngster writer my sports memories are somewhat limited. Basically I can date my knowledge back to 2001. So when it comes to the biggest rivalry in sports, most of history is here-say. But boy did I get to witness some greatness to. The 2003-2004 seasons were the most electrifying sports watching experiences of my life. I was about 8 years old strutting my stuff down the 3rd grade halls. I had more hatred toward the Red Sox then most 50 year old divorced men have toward their ex wives, and it was the best thing in the world.

From 1999-2004 they met in 3 ALCS. Both teams were stacked and had some of the biggest payrolls in baseball. When I look back in my mind those are still the teams I think about when i think “Yanks-Sox”. Of course you had the superstars like Papi, Pedro, Jeter, Posada, yeah their awesome. What made those teams so fun to watch was the personalities Like Kevin Millar or Alfonso Soriano or the fan favorites like Bernie Williams and Hideki Matsui for NY or Manny and Trot Nixon for the Sox.

These teams are so nostalgic to look at. These were the games that made me love baseball and I can guarantee most kids my age who are Red Sox or Yankees fans today would agree. Every time they played it was must-watch-television. Looking back their games almost seem scripted. I can still see Pedro Martinez rag dolling 70 something year old Don Zimmer by the head, the A-Rod face mush, or Derek Jeter absolutely laying out and making probably the best catch in the history of baseball into the stands at Yankee Stadium. Everyone has their own memories they made with those teams. Even my mom, who prior to then, didn’t no how many innings were in a baseball game, bought in. After Sheff hit a go ahead homer in a ten run comeback she literally punched a light bulb out of excitement. We never fixed it and she still wears a Sheffield jersey anytime she’s watching a game.

Thats what these teams did for people. Sports needs rivalries, and this one was the best. The 03-04 ALCS were, in my opinion, the best story in baseball history. Yeah better then the Cubs last year. After the Red Sox choked in the bottom of the 11th and Aaron “Fuckin” Boone walked off, I was sold on the Yankees that was it i was hooked. Loosing the World Series after that was devastating, I didn’t even consider the possibility, but its that agony, that Red Sox fans felt the week before that makes you a real fan. It’s what Boston fans felt for years and what Yankees fans didn’t really know. Until the next season of course. The reverse sweep still makes me cringe to this day. I’ll never forget Mariano imploding on the mound. Dave “Fuckin” Roberts stealing second. Schilling’s heroic ability to pitch with a cut on his ankle. And Johnn… Johnny Damon in game 7. Watching that prissy haired dildo running around the bases after parking a granny will forever be etched in my brain. No i am not mad.




Now I can see all the pieces falling back into place. The Sox have been solid consistently, looking for a couple missing pieces to make a run. They Yankees were in serious rebuilding mode and it was looking like it was going to be a rough few years. Somehow it seems like every single prospect both of these guys got are unbelievable. people are already talking about Judge, Sanchez, Frazier, and Gray being the new Core Four, Which is ridiculous, but to even be a comparison is wild. The sox probably have the best team on paper in the MLB (maybe aside from the Dodgers). These rivalry matches are already awesome though, and these guys are so young and so talented I’m calling an ALCS matchup this year. You heard it here first. The only thing thats missing is the hatred, all these guys seem to nice and soft. What’s gotta happen is Sonny Gray needs to beam Pedroia, clear the benches and we will be right back where we want to be. I cannot wait for it to happen.

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