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Ray Donovan Season 6 Premiers Tonight and it Can’t Come Soon Enough


I have been waiting almost a full year for this now. In this day and age one of the biggest problems I face is killing seasons of TV shows to fast and then having to wait for the next one. This is a problem for me when its a show I kinda like. Like Ozark and Better Call Saul. i binged those in about 3 days total and now it sucks that i have to wait. But Ray Donovan is an entirely different animal. This show isn’t some one of the mill tv series this shit took over my life when i ran through it. I was late to the party so last summer i watched the whole thing through, and that is basically all I did. When i watch TV shows this intensely i literally start acting like the characters. Which is fine when I’m watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or the League. When I’m binge watching a show about the most bad ass mother fucker from Boston doing damage in Los Angelas, blackmailing celebrities and murdering priests who raped him (spoiler alert?) it got borderline dangerous to be associated with me even though I am an out of shape pussy who’s never won a fight in my life.

The build up to this season has been unreal. Last season gave us a scare and made it look like Ray was going to go soft on us, for about 3 seconds. Then they dropped nuke after nuke. Russian Mafia, back stabbings, INCEST. seriously this show played off some of the legit most creepy incest like no other.

As I feel about a show every time they go into a new season, i get worried there going to fuck it up and ruin it. To be honest this was particularly scares me. Theres not a million ways to take the story. Eventually it is going to get to a point where there doing the same thing all over again. Thats why they are going to have to do something big and i think theres a few ways they can go.


  1. Ray and Mickey are going to get over their shit and form some kind of relationship. At this point they’ve kinda beaten that story line like a dead horse. There have been a couple times when Ray shows Mick a little love and it always plays really good. I think they’re gonna work some more of that in. Especially with all they Russian Mob stuff they are pretty much forced to work together with. I think the season will be centered mostly around them together as opposed to their separate shenanigans there always getting into.
  2. Ray will stay faithful to his marriage and not cheat on his wife.
  3. It’s gonna be a huge year for Connor. they’ve been building him up the whole time. They constantly make him look like a little bitch, but you still don’t hate him. Also he’s been beefing up under the radar. Keep an eye out for Con’ stepping up and saving the day outta no where.
  4. Take back #2… Ray is going to get hammered and SLAM ass, because that is the best part of the whole show           images-2.jpeg
  5. Terry’s gonna die. They dude is basically a walking corpse as it is. All he does is bitch and moan constantly. Nothin is ever good enough for this guy and he sounds like Jobba the Hutt when he talks. I can’t stand him i hope they do axe him. Thats not why i think they will though. For some reason Ray’s got a huge soft spot for him and they can really play that up as some kind of emotional climax bullshit or something. You saw it when Terry was in the hospital last season. This year they finish him off.
  6. A lot more “Sexy” Abby Donovan. this might just be wishful thinking but i wanna see me some more Abbs. I’ve been trying to figure out what it is about her that gets it going, and the jury is still out. Thats like asking “How exactly is a rainbow made? How exactly does the sun set? How exactly does a positact rear end on a Plymouth work? IT JUST DOES”

Something about this Red Headed Minx just puts the fear of god into me. Im sure theres some kind of psychological explanation for that but i don’t care…. LET ME SEE THAT AZZ







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