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TB12 doesn’t have a comment about last years concussion… but he totally had one

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Concussions are hot in the streets these days. The media can’t get enough footage of football players talking about there brains are basically mush and that they have 5 years to live. Your telling me playing a game where the entire basis is to run into a 300 pound meat head isn’t the safest thing in the world? Ya don’t say. It sucks what happens to these guys and all the info on CTE is horrible, but there’s nothing you can do about it. People have been praising football players and giving them millions of dollars for years. Football is a huge part of our American culture and people aren’t going to stop playing it and nobody is going to stop watching. It seems like every week the media is getting someone saying something about the concussion problem, and everyone freaks out about it. Just this week they jumped all over the rookie from the jets who is trying to get a job that said he would be honored to die on a football field. Then they had Goodell who spewed his usual nonsense about concussions not being real. And now they’ve done it there going after the GOAT and I will not stand for it.

Tom Brady, and basically everyone in the Patriots Mafia never give the media anything to talk about. Bill constantly murders reporters and fires any player who says anything other then “were working hard to get better everyday”. Occasionally you’ll get a nugget from Kraft after he’s had 2 or 12 scotches. I imagine the inside the Patriots facilities is a lot like Goodfellas. “You gave em nothing and you got nothing” and if you step out of line you get whacked. Thats why this one from Tom was a little weird. He danced around the question like he always does but he basically came out and said he had a concussion and he just doesn’t care because it was so long ago and he’s fine now. And i respect the hell out of that. Tom doesn’t think about concussions because all he thinks about is winning. Lions don’t concern themselves with sheep, or crippling brain damage.

Hopefully this can put the whole issue to rest and people can stop this guy’s wife questions. Also, why is Tom the guy there giving so much shit about playing through concussions? He only got hit 15 times last year. The same year Bud Dupree absolutely decapitated Matt “Money” Moore and he was played 2 snaps later. Football players are going to get hit in the head. Its gonna happen and theres nothing you can do about it. The smart players are already figuring it out. Get to the league, play a few years, get filthy rich, and get out before your head gets pounded more then Lisa Anne’s snatch.


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