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Kahlil Mack is Setting the Bar Real Low This Season by Trying to Break the All-Time Sack Record by 7.5


NAPA, Calif. — In comparing Khalil Mack to a six-story building but saying his elevator was only on the third floor, Howie Long was talking about the potential of the Oakland Raiders’ All-Pro edge rusher. That should scare opposing offensive linemen, quarterbacks and coordinators.

Maybe that’s why Mack’s goal of racking up a 30-sack season, as leaked by Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, does not sound so outlandish … even if the NFL record is 22.5 by Michael Strahan in 2001.

“That’s the number I shoot for, but I didn’t want him to tell everybody else,” Mack said with a grin at training camp. “But at the same time, D.C., he knows how hard we work, what kind of work we put in, and he knows what I want.

“Realistically, we just want to get the record at least. At least.”

Mack, the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year, has 30 total sacks in three NFL seasons, with four as a rookie, 15 in 2015 — when he was first-team All-Pro at both outside linebacker and defensive end — and 11 last season.  – ESPN

Hey Khalil you know that means you need 2 sacks a game right?


A couple things with this one.

  1. When your coming into training camp after loosing first round of the playoffs (regardless of their shitty QB luck) you probably shouldn’t be talking about breaking the all time sack record held by Michael Strahan, who is, arguably the best defensive lineman of all time. “How many more do you think you can get then him Khalil? 1 maybe 2?”. “Nah fuck that imma beat that bitch by 8″…. EIGHT? EIGHT SACKS. some of the best D-Lineman and Linebackers don’t rack up 8 sacks in a season. As a matter of fact Terrell Suggs had exactly 8 last year and he graduated top of his class from Ballsohard University.
  2. Sacks are one of the most unpredictable stats in football. There are tons of other factors that come into play and sacks are a result of opportunity. Depending on what your defensive assignment you have plays a HUGE part. What if your in charge of filling a certain whole? what if you have outside contain? what if someone else is blitzing? Sack numbers are not something a person always has control of. Not to mention the number of teams that are going to run the ball and double team him because they are afraid of his pass rush. Any idea who led the NFL in sacks last year? Vic Beasley of the Atlanta Falcons. Vic is without a doubt a sold defensive player but if I’m making a list of people I would think had the most sacks last season Vicky boy ain’t cracking my top ten. the guy had 4 sacks the year before. 4! All I’m saying is that sacks are so unpredictable that its a terrible thing to let out to the media because now all their going to do is compare you to the (ridiculous) number of 30, and that can make even an incredible season look like a bust.
  3. My last point goes along with the last one. The Raiders have huge expectations this year. They were torn apart when QB Derek Carr went down last year after going 12-4. Then this offseason they obviously added Marshawn Lynch, a couple other receivers, and drafted a couple defensive bodies to make them more complete. Their ceiling is already high and everyones talking about how they need to have a big year. They might be the only team in the AFC… I mean the world who has a chance of competing with the Patriots. When you have a situation like this, a young unproven team with high expectations, there is no where to go but down. It’s exactly what happened with the Cardinals last year and it totally drove them off the rails. so thats why things like this do nothing but harm. Unless your gonna come out and rack up 3 sacks a game and the offense puts up 40 a night, its better to stay under the radar and and let the record do the talking until you actually win a playoff game this decade.

End of story take a page out of Marshawn’s book. Derek keep your mouth shut and ice that leg, Kahlil, deny deny deny, and do not let the patriots cover the spread in the AFC Championship for once.


never forget




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