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The Yankees are back to bullying the MLB again


The MLB trade deadline was yesterday and in case you didn’t hear, shit went down. It was a starting pitcher fire sale and 18 year old child prospects were being sent around the country without remorse like they were in the god dam witness protection program.First place teams were making huge moves for big names and it was probably the most exciting trade deadline in recent years. The Dodgers have the best record in baseball and just picked up Yu Darvish, the Red Sox traded for reliever Addison Reed to try to fix the only weak area of their team, and YADA YADA YADA, the Yankees basically gave the Oakland Athletics a wedgie and stole their lunch money. the deal was this the Yankees got Sonny Gray in exchange for giving Oakland three prospects in Dustin Fowler, James Kaprielian, and Jorge Mateo.

It’s a Yankee move, its and A’s move. This is always how it seems to go. the A’s get garbage from the Red Sox and get their best players swiped away by the Yankees. The A’s originally wanted the Yankees top two prospects and a draft pick for Gray. Brian Cashman was having none of that he had his terms and just got it done. This is what makes the Yankees the New York “Muthafuckin” Yankees. It’s why everybody hates them, and it is so so sweet. i imagine this whole transaction looked a lot like the scene from The Waterboy where Fonzie gets his notebook stolen.

the only problem i got with this whole this is now everyone is saying the Yankees are the best team in baseball. Everyone who talks about sports is talking about how great this team is now like they do anytime anything happens. they jump so a side of the story and make a decision as a group and decide its a fact instead of actually looking at something and forming their own god dam opinion. I think everyone’s gotta pump the breaks for a second Sonny Gray isn’t Nolan Ryan over here, although his name absolutely doing it for me. He’s 6-5 this season with a 3.43 ERA. he was probably the second best available starter on the market but has room to grow playing for, NOT the Oakland A’s. They Yanks did also snag Relief pitchers Josh Robertson and Tommy Kahnle, and 3rd baseman Todd Frazier from the White Sox, in addition to starter Jaime Garcia from the Twins. these moves look great on paper they attempted to address all of their problems without giving up any day-to-day players. Yankee fans gotta be happy, but there still in a division with the Red Sox in case anyone forgot. so if they can’t put all their pieces together their looking at a wild card play in game to win. and if they do that they get to play the last team everyone in the country said was “bound to win the world Series”. The Astros were where the Yankess are now 3 years ago. a lot of young talent over performing expectations early. They definitely had the best trade deadline moves and the team looks great on paper but this is baseball and having a good team on paper doesn’t mean shit, just look at the Toronto Blue Jays. So before everyone starts comparing this Yankees team to Murderers Row and the 1927 Yankees (Which is coming), why don’t we wait and see if we can even win the division first.




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