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The Celtics Didn’t Totally Blow the Draft The Year

So “the great Danny Ainge” opted to trade the Celtics #1 overall pick to the 76ers for a couple picks that we might not ever even get to use and the 3rd overall pick this year. For weeks leading up to the draft all of New England was buzzing about how Washington Guard Markelle Fultz was a “must pick”. Seemed like a no brainer that Boston would take him first overall and add a 12th point guard to their roster and keep neglecting their need for rebounding and an offensive creator. With this bold trade Ainge is setting himself up to take a lot of heat from a Boston Faithful that is getting itching from not winning a championship in almost 5 months. The moves could put him on the hot seat in the future, but it was the right move, and ill tell you why.

  • Every year pro sport “insiders” pick someone in the draft that “has to go #1”. And more often then not is seems like some random player from a pink sheet school. They do this to make themselves seem smart, hell I respect the move, jobs security. These geniuses always pick someone who’s got something only wicked smart p people can see. Anyone with eye balls could tell you that Lonzo Ball can shoot the shit out of a basketball and Josh Jackson is virtually unstoppable. But only a NBA insider can tell you that this point guard from the university of Washington (9-22 last year) is going to be the next Dwayne Wade. Someone always gets put on a pedestal. We saw it last year in the NFL with Carson Wentz and Jared Goff, who the whole world said had to co 1,2 in the draft with questionable resumes. Now, im not knocking Fultz at all he might end up being a great player, and it is unfair to judge him so heavily on his teams record. But its just insane for the whole world to unanimously think he absolutely has to go #1. It left the Celtics with no choice but to take him. If they had passed on him and he ended up being a perennial all-star, Danny Ainge would get tossed out to the streets of Boston harder then an empty can on Natty Light. Making the trade kept the Celtics in the top 3, took the pressure off them, and left them room to grow in the future. Well-played Ole Danny Boy.
  • Jayson Tatum is realllllly good at basketball too. He somewhat flew under the radar this year. Averaging 17, 7, and 3 aint nothing. He was the clear leader of the Duke team this year and is exactly what the Celtics need. You know exactly what you are getting with Tatum, there’s not much risk involved (other then injuries – knock on wood) He’s not going to average 25 a game and shut down Lebron every game in the playoffs, but he will be a solid player who could develop an above average offensive game and can physically match up with pretty much anyone on the court. Having someone to make their own shot will take pounds of pressure of Isaiah and open up the whole offense. Adding strength on the boards will help arguably the weakest part of their game. And finally they can get rid of Jae Crowder, and maybe even get a nice piece out of dealing him. The two are very similar physically and Tatum’s offensive potential is far above Crowder, who has been nothing but a headache since the All Star break. Get that man OFF my roster.

Overall, good draft night for the Celtics. They still have plenty of time to make moves. Plenty of guys out there to go after like Paul George, Kristaps Porzingis, and Gordon Hayward. The Celtics getting any of those would cause all of New England to need a change of pants on site, and would make them a real title contender… except the Warriors are just going to go undefeated for the next five years so what’s the point. Either way, IN AINGE WE TRUST.




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